How we deal with suspected PAEDOPHILES!

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How we deal with suspected PAEDOPHILES!

Post  GarryP on Sat 21 Aug 2010, 7:01 pm

Unlike some other forums and websites and yes sadly that includes facebook, the admin of these forums take the matter of PAEDOPHILES very seriously. That is why we do not just talk the talk, NO we will do everything in our power to have paedophiles removed from facebook. Other forums and website may claim to do things, where as we tell you what we will do and when, then we do it! No ifs and No buts!

That is why if you report a suspected paedophiles facebook profile to us and you supply hard evidence to support your accusations we promise that we look closely at your claims, if there is enough evidence* (*see notes below) then we will PRO-ACTIVELY report the matter via direct email to facebook!

Any/all reports will be treated with the strictest of confidence and in total anonymity* (see notes below).

If after 48 hours facebook have refused to act, we will then report the matter to the police!

We may also refer the matter to various news/media organisations, if so required!


*Please make sure you supply as much evidence as possible, including a link to any current profiles (including your own profile). Details of any wall postings including time and dates, messages etc.,

**If you knowingly make a false/malicious report, then please be aware that you will forfeit any rights to anonymity.

So join the forums that gets results, the forums that are more than willing to work with the authorities.



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