Whose who at this site & forums! (Edited 25/02/2012)

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Whose who at this site & forums! (Edited 25/02/2012)

Post  GarryP on Sat 28 Aug 2010, 4:44 pm

Well like I have said many times before these forums only deal in facts, evidence and truth and because of that I not only know but I also believe that we have nothing to fear and more importantly nothing to hide. You see I believe that it is only right and proper that as the person behind this site and these forums I am more than happy for people to know who I am and after discussing this with my good friend he feels the same as me.

You see as we have nothing to fear and we have nothing to hide, we both know that we have NOT done anything wrong, that is why we are prepared to be open and transparent. It is for those reasons we will not hide behind a title of "administrator" or "moderator" we are happy for anybody and everybody to know who we are and how to contact us by directly either by facebook or by email address. So ask yourself what is it that the others have to hide and WHY?

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Who are we?
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Garry Pouvey

Website & Forums Owner, Creator and Administrator.

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Nathan Gamble

Website & Forum Senior Administrator & Moderator.

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So if you want to contact either of us then please feel free to do so, BUT if you intend to contact us just to cause trouble or try and harass or abuse either of us, then just be aware that you if you live in the UK then the Computers Misuse Act 1990 will apply and we reserve the right to report any offences that we see fit!

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