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Edited: You and these, your forums

Post  GarryP on Mon 27 Sep 2010, 3:13 pm

Edited: 27/09/2010

First let me say this but, I know that many of you have far better things to do with your time, that may be work, school, family or all of three combined. Well believe it or not so do I, I have other things that I could do with my time as it is I have been only too happy to not only set these forums up and not only I have invested my free time, but yes I have also invested some of my own money AND FOR WHAT!

Before I go on, I want to make it clear that I am not giving up and I am DEFINITELY not going to close these forums down! That would be only to easy!

Anyway following on from my post/comment on my facebook wall and also the message that I sent to *all* members of these forums, I have to admit that I am quite dissapointed and in fact actually very saddened at the level of apathy that most people have shown, especially that of those so called facebook friends. The very fact that most of you have not been able to bother to either post a reply or perhaps contact me, has sadly done nothing to bolster my confidence with regard to these your forums.

You see I do not expect people to spend hours and hours on this site, I really don't even expect you to visit these forums every day!

Nope all I am asking is that you as users/members and especially those of you my so called friends, all I ask is this:

All I am only asking you for a FEW minutes every week!

PLEASE try and visit these YOUR forums as often as you can, and when you can, even just TWICE a week!

PLEASE try and POST at least ONCE a week!


Ask your friends to consider JOINING!


If you cannot or will not be bothered about these YOUR forums, then you have condemned these forums!

Unlike other Internet forums, I have said many times that I am really not interested in having hundreds/thousands of users/members. I would much rather have a smaller mumber of ACTIVE members, that is why I have and will continue to DELETE anybody who has been BANNED or is UNDULY INACTIVE! I want the number of users to be TRUE refelection of the NUMBER of active members.

I am still willing to move YOUR forums over to the BUSINESS HOSTING PACKAGE and USE our very own CUSTOM INSTALL of the phpBB forum software, BUT I will only do so if people are actively using and supporting this site.

So please, think about what I have said. As I am not prepared to continue to flog a dead horse! If you want these YOUR forums to LIVE & SUCCEED THEN USE THEM, but let me repeat myself again I am NOT going to CLOSE them down, I am NOT going to REMOVE YOUR forums. I will leave them open as a testament to the FUTILITY and SHARADE that is online friendships.

I am happy to give this a situation a few more days, if you are willing and prepared to actively use and support YOUR forums, then I will continue to support them too, BUT if you do not then, I will quietly and discreetly withdraw my support and use my time for other matters.

If you wish to discuss any of this, then please use the following thread:

NOTE: If anybody URGENTLY needs to contact me for what ever reason then read the following thread and use the correct email address:

Finally I would like to say a personal "Thank You" to the following few users for all their active support of these forums, Bill, Nathan (silent but always around) and of course to JoshP and GarryS, both of you have got more than enough to deal with and yet you still support others and for that I am very thankful to all four of you!


PS: I have decided that I will be taking a back seat for the foreseeable future, I will visit these boards at least once per day and do any routine housekeeping, but Nathan will be in charge. If you feel you must contact me personally (or Nathan for that matter) then please do so using the email address, as shown in the "Contact Us" thread. But please use the correct mail box which relates to the reason for your message.

Please also make sure that you include a link to your current facebook profile, if you wish to recieve a reply.

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