Prospective New Members!

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Prospective New Members!

Post  GarryP on Wed 29 Sep 2010, 8:28 pm

Although these forums are a very friendly community, we like to try and pride ourselves on being a very open, honest and transparent forums too. Now as we are open and honest that sadly means that a few people are desperate to try and cause trouble in these forums.

Well the management and staff of these forums can and will do everything that we can to protect not only the security, privacy and well being of our members but of these forums too.

We will also actively do everything we can to to maintain the friendly, welcoming atmosphere of these forums. We will also strive to protect the fact that these forums are open and honest, that is why the INTEGRITY of these forums will come before anything else.

So with that in mind all NEW prospective members/users should note the following, The Management & Staff of these forums:

MAY AT OUR DISCRETION REQUEST THAT ANY NEW PROSPECTIVE MEMBER/USER BE REQUIRED, to email us a link to your facebook profile and if you are really serious about being an honest/open member of these forums, then you should send a friend request to the sites creator.

This will only be used to check/verify & vet prospective members.

If you have added ANY of the Management or Admins of these forums to your facebook BLOCKED list, then you will be required to UNBLOCK them (even temporarily) just to enable us to complete our checks/verification/vetting.

Reserve the right to accept or REFUSE any registration, without exception and no discussion will be entered into!

WE reserve the right to BLOCK/BAN any individual by various means, but this will only be done to protect the INTEGRITY of these forums, again NO discussion will be entered into.

So if you are open, honest and wish to be a TRUE member of this online community, then we look forward to you joining!

But if your intentions are for any other purpose, then please do not bother!

Please also note that you have really have nothing to be concerned about, should you be required to remove any member of this sites management/staff from your facebook BLOCKED list!

As unlike some others, we will not send you any UNSOLICITED, ABUSIVE, INSULTING or THREATENING MESSAGES! We do not behave in that manner and we will not start now either!



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