The FUTURE of these forums (& NEW Temp Logo)!

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The FUTURE of these forums (& NEW Temp Logo)!

Post  GarryP on Sat 20 Nov 2010, 2:49 pm

Thanks to those who helped Nathan find the "Stop Gay Bullying" ribbon image.

Anyway Nathan and I have agreed that we will keep that ribbon (or any other similar/better) as BOTH the Facebook group logo and also the forums logo until the New Year!

I want everybody to be aware that due to the continued appathy and lack of support of these forums I have decided to wait until after Christmas/New Year before I make a final decision of the future of the forums. I would like to think that some more people might be willing to consider joining these forums, but sadly realistictly I very much that will ever happen. Of course I hope that some of my friends might be willing to help spread the word about this site, I would also hope that some more friends and friends of friends might sign up to. But I again I sadly doubt that.

If in the NEW YEAR there has been very little increase in the number of members, then I will sadly have to consider cutting my losses and possibly closing the site and these forums down. BUT PLEASE BELIEVE ME, I really, really do not want to have to consider that as an option.

So if people want the forums to continue after the New Year, then it is up to them to think about joining and supporting them.

I would like to offer my THANKS & GRATITUDE to those of you who have given your support for these forums thus far, I really do appreciate all of your support.

So people as I have said they are your forums, what happens to them really is in your hands now!

Thanks, Best Wishes & Stay Safe


PS: If you wish to discus this post/announcement then please feel free to do so in "The Debating Room Forum".

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Re: The FUTURE of these forums (& NEW Temp Logo)!

Post  NatGam on Sat 20 Nov 2010, 4:42 pm

Hope you will not mind by I unlocked this so I could post this reply, don't worry I have locked back up!

Garry, I share the same dissapointment at the lack of support for the forums, but I am thankfull that you have it appears slept on things and decided to give the forums and some friends and others a bit more time.

I will of course support you in what ever decision you finally come to, not only as dear friend, but as somebody who has the upmost respect for the fact that like you say, you have not only invested your time, but also some of your own money. I personally think the lack of support from some of our other "long term" friends is shamefull and that is being very polite.

As young Josh said yesterday, many of our friends bemoan the fact that facebook may have wrongly disabled their own accounts or those of their so called friends, yet when you have given them a place to honestly and freely express their views and yes folks that place is here, you see you can say what the hell you like about facebook or any other site, you can speak your mind and you say what you truly believe and facebook can NOT do the slightest thing about it, they are to ignorant or perhaps arrogant to join. Sorry people but that is the plain truth of the matter.

Why are these forums and the included CHAT box, safer and more secure than facebook?

Well facebook let EVERYONE & EVERYBODY register, we as of yet do not. We strictly control and limit registration NOT because we have to, BUT because we WANT to, we want these forums to be a safe and secure place for only GOOD people to use!

If a bad apple gets through, well they will show themselves and we will take great pleasure in kicking their arse out of here!



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