Basic Rules (21/10/2010)

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Basic Rules (21/10/2010) Empty Basic Rules (21/10/2010)

Post  GarryP on Sun 21 Nov 2010, 4:32 pm

Right I know this is not the most interesting of subjects. But all sites and forums need some very basic rules, so I will try and keep them to a minimum, so here goes:

1. No spamming, I have been using the internet since the 1990's and therefore I use the old original definition of "spamming" so that means PLEASE DO NOT POST ADVERTS to these boards.

2. Please try and refrain from using bad language where ever possible (yes I know Nathan and me should try and practice what we preach), we do accept that there may be instances where bad language is unavoidable for example when quoting a message or wall comment, in that case please make sure you warn of potential offensive words at the start (TOP) of your post.


4. REGISTRATION/SIGN UP, we are more than happy for people, especially younger members to sign up using a username that does not IDENTIFY them personally to regular members, although the management & Admin may require you to identify yourself to them only.

5. We don't mind a good heated discussion or debate, but we will not accept any members who resort to being abusive, insulting or threatening towards other members.

6. PLEASE try and post any comments or threads in the correct forum section, also please check to see if there are already posts/threads on that subject/topic if there is, then please post a reply in that section. If you cannot find a suitable post to reply/comment on/in then you may start a new thread.

We are open to ideas and suggestions, so if you can think of any thing to improve these boards, then please let us know, likewise if you think we need some more forum sections please get in touch.

Thanks and Welcome to your forums, for you and by you!



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