The FACTS & TRUTH about Kyler Dunst vs Josh Penard! You Decide!

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The FACTS & TRUTH about Kyler Dunst vs Josh Penard! You Decide! Empty The FACTS & TRUTH about Kyler Dunst vs Josh Penard! You Decide!

Post  GarryP on Fri 28 Jan 2011, 12:27 pm

The following is the text from my latest/ & LAST reply to the messages that Kyler Dunst is sending me via the Contact Form on thse forums, I have decided to post it seperately own it on, as I feel it is justified to do so.


Once again Kyler Dunst is leveling some very serious and FALSE ACCUSATIONS at a very good and trusted friend of mine, Josh Penard. Now as some people may already know I have know Josh's family since I was a child this is becuase we lived in the same street in Scotland. Sadly Josh and I also share some other more personal child experiences, I have to admit that I feel somewhat guilty for what happened to Josh, as if I spoke up it might not have happened. Anyway I have know Josh Penard all his life and I know him better than anybody here on facebook, I know what he is capable of and what he would never do.

Now going back last year Josh made a passing comment on his then friends wall this friend was Kyler, Kyler seeming was not happy about it well that was what Josh thought anyway. Josh was mortified that he had upset Kyler and because of the fact he felt bad about upsetting Kyler. Josh removed Kyler from his friends list, Josh thought it would be best to give Kyler some space but just for a day or two. Kyler then sent Josh a couple of rather turse inbox messages. Then Kyler Blocked him this all happened within a 24 hour period!

Josh was upset that Kyler had blocked him, but Josh also made it clear that the problem was HIS OWN FAULT and not that of Kyler's. So over the course of the next 7-10 days, Josh sent Kyler several emails (yes probably too many) in these email he apologised many times and practically grovelled to Kyler. But Kyler being Kyler just rubbed Josh's nose in the dirt. Eventually on the 25th May last year, Josh finally gave up and realised that Kyler was a nasty, vindictive and two faced person. JOSH HAS HAD NO FURTHER CONTACT WITH KYLER SINCE THAT SPECIFIC DATE!

NOTE: Josh will later today be sending me copies of ALL the emails he sent to Kyler and also those that he received, he has given permission for them to be posted in these forums if required!

In fact just a few days later Josh was involved in a serious road accident that left him in hospital for nearly one month.

Ever since that time Josh and Garry Smith have always made a point of BLOCKING any profiles that may be even linked to Kyler Dunst, as they want NOTHING WHAT SO EVER TO DO WITH HIM, juts like myself really!

As for the REST of the LIES & MISTRUTHS from Kyler Dunst above, I know for a FACT that this Ben Housely profile is NOTHING TO DO WITH Josh Penard or Garry Smith come to that, but who is behind it, well I have some rough ideas but no proof. You see as Josh Penard has rightly said "Lefe is far too short". The one thing I do know for certain is that Josh, Garry Smith, Nathan and myself can be proved INNOCENT of any wrong doing, IT CAN BE PROVED THAT NONE OF HAVE HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH THE RECENT ONGOINGS!

WE have had NOTHING to do with this Ben Housely stuff either, thankfully ALL THE DATA RECORDS, BOTH FROM FACEBOOK & OUR ISP's WILL CONFIRM THAT FACT!

THAT IS THE TRUTH, THOSE ARE THE FACTS, so people can believe who the hell they want!

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