Abusive message to Josh P, from JACK BOWDEN (aka Kyler Dunst), 23/12/2010!

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Abusive message to Josh P, from JACK BOWDEN (aka Kyler Dunst), 23/12/2010! Empty Abusive message to Josh P, from JACK BOWDEN (aka Kyler Dunst), 23/12/2010!

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From: JACK BOWDEN (aka: Kyler Dunst) [ kylerdunst3@yahoo.com ]
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Between You and Jack Bowden
21 December at 06:17 Report

Kyler wants you to know that he read all of your requirements to gain acceptance by you and he called you a Face Book Nazi. I read it too and don't go that far but you need serious therapy if you have not gotten any because I can tell that you feel that everybody is out to screw with you.

You also attack people and get crazy sometimes with it but if somebody even criticizes you then you go ape-shit which isn't fair. And you refuse vehemently to send requests because they might get declined or "thrown up into your face."

That is a very very insecure thing to say as is your defiance and hatred toward anybody that may doubt if you are real. Maybe you are fake or real but you act like you are fake and then you wonder why people accuse you of it.

And perverts and peds all the time fantasize about being in child pornography when they were little so you seem to have that one going for you too and you say you despise cameras so you will have a good reason for not having to use one to prove yourself.

I used to date Kyler and I love him very much and to see you act toward him the way you rant and rave about on your profile requirements listing makes me further see that you are a mental midget and an emotional furball and I am glad to block your self-centered, mentally twisted arse.

Maybe you deserved everything you got. Maybe you caused it yourself and use it as sympathy ammo now. Who knows how you get your rocks off but just know how transparent you really are with all your nonsense. People may continue to always pick on you if you keep living like a victim or a whining little limey bitch.

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