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Post  GarryP on Tue 12 Apr 2011, 7:31 pm

OK then before people start complaining that I have CORRECTLY outed them as a PAEDOPHILE who is using facebook, I think that everybody including the PAEDOPHILE themselves should take a few moments to do a bit off reading. You see before I add anybody to the watch lists on these forums, I like to make sure that I have substantive, factual evidence before I add a person to any Watch List. That evidence is usually stuff that that person has posted to or via facebook, it may be (but not limited too) Requests for Ning/Gr.oups info, passwords to such groups, requests to trade pictures it may even be pictures or links to pictures or videos.

It should also be noted by EVERYBODY that as far as LAW is concerned the age of the offender (PAEDOPHILE) is really both irrelevent and immaterial, so long as the person is above the age of "legal responsiblity" (not the age of consent) then that person can be charged and classed as a PAEDOPHILE!

So what is a PAEDOPHILE?

I have posted the links to both the OED (Oxford English Dictionary) and to Wikipedia. I will also contact a friend who works as a police officer in here in the UK for the "legal Definition"...

Oxford English dictionary:

PAEDOPHILE: noun a person who is sexually attracted to children.


PAEDOPHILA: noun [mass noun] sexual feelings directed towards children.



Paedophile (Pedophile) Wikipedia. (click on link to view description)


So there you have have, if you are interested in indecent images/videos of young children (including teenagers) then you are a PAEDOPHILE! Sadly there is no grey area, it is really quite simple and BLACK & WHITE!

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