YAWN, Yawn... Kyler Dunst!

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YAWN, Yawn... Kyler Dunst! Empty YAWN, Yawn... Kyler Dunst!

Post  JoPen94 on Thu 09 Jun 2011, 9:38 pm

From: Kyler Dunst [ kylerdunst3@yahoo.com ]
Sent/Received via: Forum Abuse Report Form
Date & Time Sent/Received: 06/06/2011

Message content:

I have seen Garry Pouvey prowling around the East Brighton (Sussex) area school yards trying to lure young school boys with candy and promises of secret-keeping in hope of diddling and petting them. Often he is joined by Josh Penard who keeps watch out for the Old Bill and frankly I feel this site needs to be closed down!


Well seeing as his lordSHIT has had yet another swipe at me, I think that entitles me to be able to reply. Mind you I am not going to waste too much of my time replying as he is really not worth the effort.

After reading through the messages that he Dunst sent to GarryP it is CLEAR that his lordSHIT Dunst is obviously a DELUSIONAL, SCHIZO and PATHOLOGICAL LIAR! As he says in some of his messages that he "only ever responds" and that "he is not the instigator of any trouble". Well the above message (Abuse Report) shows otherwise. As I have had NO contact with that little git for well over a year now and still his FULL OF HATE & BILE! Well he is welcome to say what he wants, the truth is there for all to see.

The fact is I am welcome to be in these forums, I am free to post what I like. Where as you the little lordSHIT Kyler are not welcome on these boards and never will be. But hey that is your problem not mine.

Personally if I was in desperate need of a slash, and you were writhing on road in front of me covered in flames, well guess what...

I would NOT PISS ON YOU if you were on fire.

So do everybody a favour and DROP IT! But the truth is you can't and you won't because you are just what we have said you are. A LIAR, A BULLY, A FAKE & YES A PAEDOPHILE too!

I am really surprised that you think it is worth carrying on with all your BULLSHIT, still it must be hard even for you to remember who you trying to be, as people like you ALWAYS FUCK UP IN THE END, having multiple personalities makes that a certainty. Still it is good for a laugh, and that is all you will ever be, laughed at and pitied. You are just a COWARD and SCHIZO!

That is the probably the last reply you will get from me, as you are not worth my time or my effort.

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