IMPORTANT: Regarding I.P posting/publishing (updated 06/02/2012)!

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IMPORTANT: Regarding I.P posting/publishing (updated 06/02/2012)!

Post  GarryP on Sat 04 Feb 2012, 5:12 pm

Firstly can I say that these forums will always welcome any GENUINE, HONEST and well intended "Abuse Reports", we also welcome any contact from anybody and everybody, whether they be members or not! Whilst we accept that nobody is ever infallible the truth is there is a right way and wrong way to make complaints. We welcome all reasonable contact no matter who from, we pride ourselves on being honest, impartial and open.

So I would ask you please bear in mind, that the following WILL ONLY APPLY IN THE MOST EXTREME CASES, WHERE PEOPLE ARE ABUSING THIS SITE, ITS SERVICES OR IT STAFF & MEMBERS! The following action will only be considered when and if a person begins to launch any unwarranted, ongoing and sustained attack. The posting of related I.P addresses/numbers will only be considered as an action of last resort, therefore we really hope that we will not reach that point, but the option is there, yes that may be concieved as a THREAT. But hopefully it will never have to considered or used. But we feel that certain TROUBLE MAKERS NEED TO KNOW THAT WE WILL TAKJE ACTION IF SO REQUIRED!

Be aware that the management & admin team of this forums will not accept any messages that are:


If we any member of staff on these forums whether they be management, admins or moderators receive any such messages that we deem to be, ABUSIVE, INSULTING, INTIMIDATING and/or THREATENING then we will post/publish ALL such messages. THIS INCLUDES ALL MESSAGES SENT VIA THESE FORUMS including messages posted on the forums, sent via forum personal message system, the email addresses related to these forums and the "Report an Abuse" link shown at the bottom right of each web page.

We will post the NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS of the sender (or suspected senders).

We will also post details of what your argument/gripe is related too.

However as of this date (04/02/2012) the management of these forums, have decided that in future we will POST THE ORIGINATING I.P. Numbers/Addresses only as an option of LAST RESORT! By that what we mean is we will only post the I.P. Numbers of the most serious of trouble makers and those who abuse these forums, the site, its services and its staff.

In real terms this means that if somebody sends us a single abusive message, false abuse report or similar then that persons message, their name and email will be posted/published publicly on this site.

BUT should a person/persons launch a co-ordinated attach of these forums and its staff, then if we receive a FIXED* number of ABUSIVE, INSULTING, INTIMIDATING and/or THREATENING messages/false abuse reports, THEN WE WILL POST/PUBLISH THE I.P. Numbers/Addresses of the sender/senders (or suspected senders). BUT WE WILL ONLY DO SO ONCE THE NUMBER OF MESSAGES/FALSE ABUSE REPORTS REACH A CERTAIN NUMBER*!

NOTE: *That number is know only to management/admins but it includes all form of communications available via these forums!

Once we have decided to POST/PUBLISH an TROUBLE MAKERS I.P. Numbers/Addresses together with their name(s), email addresses and reason for wishing to cause trouble, then we will NOT EDIT or DELETE THAT INFORMATION UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! WE WILL NOT ABUSED, INSULTED, INTIMIDATED or THREATENED BY ANYBODY IN ANYWAY!

So please be warned.


PS: We apprecaite and welcome all genuine, reasonable comminications from anybody. We also would welcome any genuine "Abuse Reports" should people wish to send them. But if they are Abusive, Insulting, Intimidating, Threatening or just plain REPETIVE then that is an abuse of the sytems and will be dealt with as such. Rolling Eyes

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