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Post  GarryP on Tue 03 Apr 2012, 8:24 pm

Well it appears somebody complained about the following comment that I posted on facebook, well I guess it is pretty obvious who it was.

So anyway, I though I would copy & paste it here. But seeing as these are our forums and thus are not under the control of facebook and outside of their own rules I have decided to post it in its full glory...

So suck on that you little filipino twat...

"There is a little american/filipino kid, who I know to be A SCHITZOID, SELF DELUDED, LIAR, TROUBLE MAKER, oh yes NOT forgetting PAEDOPHILE too!

Anyway according to its lovely messages that it (and its so called friends) feel the need to keep sending to me using the Report An Abuse link on the forums, well he keeps on saying that I am "full of shit!"!!!!

Well guess what Dunst the cunst, if I am at least my shit is FRESH, unlike the shit you spew from both ends, as yours is stale, rotting and always the same old crap!

So who cares, I don't!

Still sooner or later the penny will drop with your so called friends, they will see how "you turn on a dime" as EVERYTHING you say is real SHIT! Nothing ever comes of it! Where as I stick to my word! But hey ho, must go as I have got a life. You have got FUCK ALL in reality!"

Have fun and enjoy.

GarryP bounce

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