Our final few words for little miss Cunst!

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Our final few words for little miss Cunst! Empty Our final few words for little miss Cunst!

Post  GarryP on Thu 05 Apr 2012, 1:53 pm

Like I have said all to many times, all your words and threats are like you meaningless, empty, hollow and IMPOTENT. You have been sending us the same old CRAP & BULLSHIT for over 20 months now and just like ALWAYS NOTHING EVER HAPPENS, NOTHING EVER WILL! You think you know a lot, but by posting the crap you post, the same crap over, and over and over again you are only showing that you in reality know nothing! You see we are not scared of you and we NEVER will be, but that is what annoys you. You see by posting what you do, you show what a nasty, vindictive little shite you really are. The same crap, repeated, repeated, repeated. You might be able to fool a couple of the friends we have in common, but you will never intimidate or scare us. I look forward to hearing from your penis brained lawyers, but I will not hold my breath waiting, because like everything else you have said in the abusive abuse reports you and only you keep sending, they are like you, EMPTY, HOLLOW & IMPOTENT WORDS, the words of a cluesless idiot, who knows nothing. The fact is you have so many fake profiles, you tell that many lies, you would not know the truth if it jumped up and hit you in your face.

The sad facts of this are these:

It is you who is causing the problem, if you were clever enough you would see that. We are not the ones who keep sending, abusive, insulting, threatening messages, we are not the people who pathetically attempting to try and intimidate others by the continued abuse of the "Report an abuse" link/form!

If people would stop the misuse of the "Report an abuse" link/form, then we would have no reason to post the abusive comments.

The only reason we post those false/misleading "Abuse Reports" is that we want people to see the crap that fuckwits like you send us, day in, day out!

You see it is you who is the idiot causing trouble, it is you who is instigating ALL of this! We are just using a legal right of reply!

Our only hope is that by us posting the abusive, insulting, threatening crap that you spew it would be nice if people saw what you are really like, we just want people to see the real Kyler Dunst. There is a simple solution to this, but that is the problem it is far to simple for you to grasp.

We try not to hate or dislike anybody, but you know by the fact that you are so desperate for us to not only dislike you, but to expose you Kyler Dunst, for the LIAR, FAKE & PAEDOPHILE you truly are, then I am only to happy to continue for as long as you wish! But I do not hate you, I do not despise you. I pity you for what you are. But if I was ever to meet you, well you will know then what I really think of you. So just pray that that never happens, so as they say, "Be careful what you wish for!".

Anyway as of today, as of this moment. We have decided we are not going to rise to your pathetic bait anymore, in fact we will not even bother reading the crap you send, as the crap you write is like you, nothing more than a pointless waste of time. It is getting far to boring, tedious and yes monotontous. We are going to continue with posting all the EMPTY, HOLLOW & IMPOTENT CRAP you waste your time sending us, because unless we post it NOBODY ELSE WILL EVER SEE THAT CRAP! I am more than happy to post that evidence, just so long as you keep on spewing it and thus supplying it to us! Thankfully posting that crap only takes a few seconds, shift/control C, then shift/control V!!

But from now on you are just going to to get the following, stock reply copied and pasted to all your crap. So you betting get used to seeing this, as I have a feeling I will be repeating it a few times to the say the least:

"YAWN, Not even read as it is too boring, tedious and monotonous! Just the same repeated IMPOTENT words! YAWN!"

So enjoy, fuckwit!

So enjoy, fuckwit! Rolling Eyes lol!

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