BH & PW targetted comments.

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BH & PW targetted comments. Empty BH & PW targetted comments.

Post  GarryP on Sat 21 Apr 2012, 7:24 pm

A few random comments aimed at BH & PW!

All the following have been forwarded to us, they have all been published on public facebook pages between March and the present date.

* * * * *

-1. AJ: Actually i might just unpublish this page and make you an admin Hugh, that way you can post what you want, obviously we have some jealousy in the house, probably from that scumbag BH that makes fake accounts of people and goes around bullying people, but for the record things are moving in the right direction and he will be delt with by the authorities along with his sidekick PW

-2. HC: As Watchlist Team member I have added both of them to the Watchlist, probably the wrong section though, think I will change the entry to SECTION RED!

-3. AJ: Well I can't comment on the Watchlist I washed my hands of it, but your actions will be justified if you did change it, there's enough evidence in the admin section to actually report the idiot to Facebook enclosing ALL the slanderous material he has posted over the months, let's see how facebook reacts to that little lot, on the one that makes fake accounts and then goes bullying people, funny how he never ended up on a certain persons watchlist, oh and his partner PW, he is another one that is so quick to label people yet he has a list full of pervs

-4. HC: Oh you forgot the fake pic he haves on his account, Razz Definately RED SECTION now.

-5. AJ: don't forget Hugh, the watchlist has to be fair and accurate.

-6. HC: Always is pity others don't see that either

-7. DH: No prizes for guessing who we are on about here lol.

-8. AJ: I make the decisions on what posts I make on my page, not Facebook, and if you don't like them, get the hell off my page this is for real friends not bully's and 5 year olds that think by intimidating people with fake profiles is fun, well it's not. and if a certain person wants to continue making his reports and bully people, maybe a good friend could place him on HIS watchlist forums, although I guess that will never happen as he is so far up his A**** to even contemplate that.

-9. AJ: Oh and for the record the same person actually made abusive comments on a friends page also.

10. DH: No prizes for guessing who we are on about here lol.

11. AH: Just delete the comments bro, we all know who it is that is making them, part of the pouvey clan of twats

This next post/comment is published for reasons of fairness and impartiality.

12. AJ: You might hate Pouvey, I don't in fact he is a good guy considering what you are, vermin and a peice of shit! get the hell off my page you idiot and grow up.

* * * * *

Still as that saying goes, "with friends like those, who needs enemies?"

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