I just love what you can find out on facebook - No. 4!

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I just love what you can find out on facebook - No. 4! Empty I just love what you can find out on facebook - No. 4!

Post  GarryP on Tue 24 Apr 2012, 7:08 pm

Like I have already said the reason for posting these comments, that people are sending to me is NOT to cause trouble but merely to let those people who are hell bent on causing trouble, that I am aware of what they are posting...

1.) HC: Just a little advice, watch what you are posting on here, that dipsh*t GP is posting everything in his hate forum i am sure that's illegal

2.) LG: Maybe that person needs to check out the terms of forumotion when it comes to copying material from other sites and posting in in the forum. Give him enough rope and he will hang himself, don't rise to it Hugh, probably got nothing better to do. He needs to check his own ship before he starts to sink other people's, the guy is a nut plain and simple.

3.) LG: Lmfao I would love to report that Hugh, but i might be placed on the watchlist of making false reports. We know who make all the false reporting, and we know who makes the fake accounts. An email of admission we have in our possesion from the guy admitting who is responsible for the Cunst and C*nter accounts. So Hugh, don't worry about him, we have excellent libel evidence if he wants to start. My gorgeous BF Anthony has a stack of it. Smile UE Watchlists are based on truth not lies and BS like some other cranked forums we can mention, but we better not, people might cry.


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