I just love what you can find out on facebook - A friendy little note!

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I just love what you can find out on facebook - A friendy little note! Empty I just love what you can find out on facebook - A friendy little note!

Post  GarryP on Tue 24 Apr 2012, 7:08 pm

Like I say the reason for posting these is not cause trouble, but merely to point out that we aware of what is being said. Besides I am not the person who is claiming "I want to be friends!"

But me personally I find it very hard to want to be friends with somebody when his closest so called friends are constantly back stabbing, willfully trying to create more trouble and posting abusive comments. Perhaps when all this back stabbing, mischief making and the constant posting of personal abuse ends, then perhaps just then the idea of "friendship" might become a possiblity. But until all this crap stops then the status quo will prevail. So what happens next is up to others, until then I will continue to post this stuff, but like I have said the only reason I am posting it is so that those who are trying to cause the trouble, those people posting the abuse, will be aware that I am being made aware of it.

Whilst I really don't give a toss about what people say about me (would I publish their poisonous diatribes if I did?), I do have to say if this is what is being posted about me publicly on facebook, then I dread to even think about what abuse, insults and lies they be posting (or happy for others to post) on their oh so perfect forums.

The truth of the matter is, nobody on this end is posting abuse or insults either about them or to them. They will not find anything of that nature either on my page, my friends pages or on our forums. We have NOT posted anything negative, abusive or insulting either about them personally or their forums either!

As for these forums, well if you have come here expecting to read loads of abuse, insults, threats or lies aimed at their forums or their "team" then I am so sorry to disappoint you. As you will not find anything like that posted on here nor on facebook. Neither have we posted any abusive, insulting comments or LIES about any of their "team" either, not on these forums and certainly not on facebook. What they say, do and post is up to them, I am NOT interested in their forums (and I dont say that in a negative way either), I have ONCE EVER VISITED their old/original forums, which they set up within days of me setting these forums. I HAVE NOT VISITED THEIR FORUMS SINCE! I have no INTENTION of visiting them either, likewise I have absolutely NO interest in them. Although if what their so called "team" is posting on facebook is anything to go by, then I expect the same (if not worse) is being peddled on their forums. But that is a matter for them. I am informed of abuse, insults and lies being posted on facebook, I WILL POST THOSE SAME COMMENTS ON HERE! But as for their forums, well that is their own business and if that "team" is happy to post abuse, insults and LIES then that sadly says more about the TRUE INTEGRITY & NATURE not only their forums but of the people using them and running them!

As for Ben I am all to aware of what he did and I aware that he has tried but failed to apologise. I also KNOW WITHOUT DOUBT that Ben is NOT responsible for most of what he has since been blamed for, the same goes for Paul who has had absolutely NOTHING to do with any of this.

So whilst one person wishes to be a friend, sadly due to the behaviour of a handful of his so called friends with their constant back stabbing, mischief making, abuse & insults. Then I am sorry but their actions speak much louder than one persons words!

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