Advance notice of *possible* changes & improvements!

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Advance notice of *possible* changes & improvements!

Post  GarryP on Sun 04 Jul 2010, 5:58 pm

Just giving all users members and non members advance notice that there will be some major changes and improvements being made to these forums over the course of the next few weeks and months. The majority of these changes will coincide with these forums being moved from the current free forum hosting to our paid dedicated web hosting servers. The biggest change will be that I will also be switching to our own phhBB3 software installations.

I have got many ideas in the pipeline, which I intend to keep to myself as all of this is quite technical and so I will be working on setting up the NEW totally independent forums over the course of several weeks in my own spare time, once I am happy with the look and feel of them I will let you all know when you can see and access them.

I should point out that you will need to RE-REGISTER when the new forums are ready and go online, sadly that is just the nature of the software.

As for the ideas, well they include new sections and many other improvements!

PLEASE REMEMBER TOO, that I more than happy to receive any sensible ideas and suggestions on anyway in which we can improve these forums, these are your forums to so any ideas and suggestions will be more than welcomed!

So as they say, WATCH THIS SPACE!

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