NEW Facebook Page Now LIVE!

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NEW Facebook Page Now LIVE!

Post  GarryP on Mon 30 Apr 2012, 10:26 pm

As per the subject just letting people know we have now set up a NEW facebook page, our facebook page is PUBLIC and is open to EVERYBODY and although this means that anybody can post a comment on the page, we have decided that we WILL DELETE ALL POSTS & COMMENTS from everybody that is unless they are either a friend of Nathan or myself, or unless they are a regsitered member of the forums themselves.

So unless you either of the above, then your posts will be DELETED ASAP from the facebook page.

We would ask EVERYBODY to not post anything to either the facebook page or group that may breach the TOS/AUP of facebook. Anybody who does will be REPORTED, BLOCKED & BANNED from the group/page.

Facebook Page:

The facebook group is still active and we have now plans to close that for the time being. The facebook groups is however strictly members only.

Facebook Group:

If you wish to get in touch with us regarding either the facebook group or page, then please feel free to email us directly at the following email address:

Best Wishes and as always stay safe.,

GarryP Wink

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