It is our 2nd Birthday!!!!

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It is our 2nd Birthday!!!!

Post  GarryP on Sat 09 Jun 2012, 8:42 pm

Tommorow will be these forums 2nd Birthday and the start of our 3rd year of operating, you see despite all the abuse, insults, intimidation and threats we are still here!

I am pleased to assure anybody and everybody that we do NOT intend going anywhere, so here is to many, many more years of naming and shaming those who cause trouble and pain to others online!

Well we might only be a small community, but then I would much rather have a few decent, trusted and respected members than loads of registered users who never visit. But if you want to join a our small community, a community that values friendship, honesty and above all a forums where the privacy and security of its members and the forums is paramount, then feel free to register.

Please note that seeing as we do value security and privacy, all registrations are subject to acceptance.

Thanks for all the support of the last 2 years and as always Best Wishes & Stay safe.,

GarryP Wink

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