Contacting the manager of these forums (the owner of the domains)!!!!!

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Contacting the manager of these forums (the owner of the domains)!!!!!

Post  GarryP on Mon 06 Aug 2012, 10:15 pm

*PLEASE NOTE: This has been copied and pasted from my own facebook wall/page!*


If you want or need to contact me via email then please use either of the following two emails:

If you want to get in touch regarding the forums, then please use the email addresses shown on the forum home page:

I would ask that you do NOT send me any emails to the address, as I neither wanted that shite, nor did I personally activate that shite either. So any messages sent to it will be IGNORED for the SPAM & SHITE that they are.

Sadly though the knobheads and fuckwits at facebook seem to think we all want and need an extra email address, well I don't my hosting packages come with thousands and thousands of them should I want or need them. I am more than happy with the following as my main facebook contact email:

Just a final thought though for those fuckwits (read facebook management), instead of forcing unwanted email addresses on your users and instead of forcing so called "upgrades" and "improvements"!

You really need to set up an ACTIVE & USABLE dedicated email address for law abiding and rule abiding users to be able to report serious breaches of the facebook AUP/TOS, such as but not limited to PAEDOPHILES and those that post CHILD PORN on facebook.


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