REPOSTED: A reply to a facebook comment!

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REPOSTED: A reply to a facebook comment!

Post  GarryP on Wed 15 Aug 2012, 8:34 pm

I posted the following as a reply to a comment on a friends facebook page/wall. I have decided to repost it here amd on our forums facebook page, as I feel that the reason for my replying not only justify me in so doing, but I also feel that this post should be seen by as many people as is possible.

It never ceases to amaze me how some people behave, all I know is that neither Anthony, his team, or myself have ever claimed to have a special "hot line" for contact facebook, we don't need it for one thing. I also know that nobody at my site has ever claimed to have any "special powers" either, again we don't need them either!

All we do is react to reports, intelligence and most importantly FACTUAL EVIDENCE that is either passed to us or found by us, we then will make a decision to add them to the watch lists on our respective forums. Me personally I will only every use the "report" link on facebook for indecent/pornagraphic images, I do not waste my time or that of facebook by "reporting" anything else.

I do firmly believe that facebook has become a victim of its own success, the main victim of that is the SAFETY of young people, as facebook is claiming to have over 955 Million users (figure correct as of end of June 2012). To be honest there is NO way that they can ever truly monitor and safe guard a site with that many users.

Like I have said although we have NO direct contact with anybody at facebook, facebook can and do regularly visit both out forums. I know they definitely visit mine as we see the IP numbers of facebook appear in the logs many, many times a day. I am also fully aware that those facebook staff do monitor our watch lists and they can, do and will react accordingly, what they do with any information is also up to them. I can honestly say that with regard to our watch lists on my site, I also KNOW that many LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCIES have also began to take an interest in what we do, we have been contacted at least once by the FBI regarding several paedophiles using facebook. I have the evidence to show this, but due to ongoing investigations I am unwilling to go into any more detail.

Still if people wish to think we are all hot air and bluster, then more fool them, we know the truth! Even if we are unable to prove it!

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