Abuse Report from Little miss cunst. Received 01/05/2012!

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Abuse Report from Little miss cunst. Received 01/05/2012! Empty Abuse Report from Little miss cunst. Received 01/05/2012!

Post  GarryP on Sat 18 Aug 2012, 4:53 pm

I have decided to REPOST the following so called "abuse report" here, as I have a feeling that some of its friends may not be aware of the blatent two faced little shite little miss cunst really is. You see the little cunst is renowned for accusing others of "turning on a dime", but I just want people to see the truth behind little miss cunst. Sadly I know that as far as some are concerned, well they seem set on belief that the sun shines out of little miss cunst's arse, but sadly we all know that that is not really the truth.

So if you are friends with little miss cunst, you really should read this and yes it would probably be a good idea for you to try and read ALL the other so called "abuse reports" that little miss cunst wasted its/her time in sending to us. But thankfully it now appears that the penny has finally dropped on her, as we have not received any more so called "abuse reports" for well over two and half months now!

You will find all the rest of little miss cunst's hot air and bullshit in the following section:

Abuse Reports or ABUSIVE messages! Well you decide?

Or you can just click on the link



Copy & Pasted from the May 2012 thread!

From: Kyler Dunst (CONFIRMED)
Originating I.P Address: *TRACED & LOGGED*
Email: kylerdunst@rocketmail.com (OTHER EMAIL ADDS AVAILABLE)
Sent/Received via: Forum Abuse Report Form
Date & Time Sent/Received: 01/05/2012
Linked With (subject): Dunst and her one little girl gang)
Subject: [ABUSE REPORT] Labelled as SPAM!

Message content:

"You think you are one step ahead all the time don't you PeePee. Well you are wrong. I am dropping you you sad ass choirboy loving, fucking pervert. Think I am all hot air do you. Well I know you are in London and I know you are a fat man behind a white door that lives in a slum part of the City.

I think you better give up now before it's too late. I always win. I think you should know that by now. As long as this forum is alive I will NEVER give up.

Your choice. Allow me registration and I help you out. Refuse my registration then I fuck you over BIG TIME. Your choice but I rather you take my offer and we all have peace. I Insist. Final Offer PeePee or the bomb drops on your little one man show here. You know very well what i am capable of and I WILL take out one of your douchebag Dimwits one by one. Starting with the fat bitch Hollenbeck. You got two days to decide, or your world comes crashing down taking your douche bag slags with you.

So drink some Earl Grey or whatever it is and think of my offer. SERIOUSLY I INSIST MOST URGENTLY. Don't fuck with me Pee Pee You know better not to mess with the King."


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