For over two years now, we...

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For over two years now, we...

Post  GarryP on Tue 21 Aug 2012, 3:23 pm

Well for over two years now, both the forums and even myself personally have been the targets, of abuse, insults, intimidation and all kinds of threats.

It is safe to say that 99.99999999% of this BULLSH*T has come from just one very warped, sad, lonely pathetic f*ckwit based in the U.S!

We have been ENDLESSLY threatened with being reported to the police, sadly NOTHING ever happens!

We have been ENDLESSLY threatened with being reported to the FBI and evry other law enforcement agency known to the world, but sadly NOTHING ever happens!

We have been ENDLESSLY threatened with private detectives/investigators, well they must really be PRIVATE, as again NOTHING ever happens!

The sad, pathetic, coward and yes like I say f*ckwit, keeps on saying that he is a HACKER and he is so called HACKER friends will attack the forums. Well it has been promising to do that for over TWO YEARS, yet NOTHING has ever happened!

Personlly I doubt that it would be able "HACK" its way out of a wet, soggy paper bag!

We have also ENDLESSLY threatened with LAWYERS, SOLICITORS & ENDLESS COURT ACTIONS, but yet again NOTHING ever happens!

We have also been subjected to an ENDLESS amount personal ABUSE, INSULTS, INTIMIDATION & THREATS, but ALL OF THEM amounted to NOTHING!

We have been the target of LIES, but nothing come s of those either.

Just lately it has even tried to BLACKMAIL US, by theatening to take action against not only our friends, but interestingly enough it is even prepared to threaten some of those people that it itself is friends with!!!! But yet again, we ignored those threats of blackmail and yes you can what happened.... ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!

You see, we will NOT be abused, blackmailed, insulted, intimidated or threatened! NOT NOW, NOT EVER!

If people want to be friends with some SCHITZOID, some PARANOID, DELUSIONAL, SOCIOPATHIC, not to mention EGOTISTICAL, HABITUAL LIAR, oh yes lastly lets not forget MULTI-PERSONALITY, YET ALL OF THEM FAKE & PAEDOPHILE too! Then that up to them.

You see the only TRUE FACT about it, him or her. Is everything it says, everything it spews from either orofice is either LIES, LIES & DAMNED LIES! Nothing, but EMPTY, IMPOTENT & HOLLOW words, or it is BULLSH*T pure and simple.

Where as for us, we will we do what we have always done, we will tell the truth, back it up with evidence. We are people of our word, what we say, we do!



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