**URGENT** Technical/Software Bug PREVENTING the REPORTING of PAEDOPHILES on facebook site!

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**URGENT** Technical/Software Bug PREVENTING the REPORTING of PAEDOPHILES on facebook site!

Post  GarryP on Mon 27 Aug 2012, 2:14 pm

Ref: Technical/Software Bug PREVENTING the REPORTING of PAEDOPHILES using INAPPROPRIATE/INDECENT profile images on facebook site!

:::Copied from my wall (edited & corrected some mistakes):::


If you wish to HELP us with bringing this urgent matter to the attention of facebook, administration, staff & management then please do by clicking on this link to my facebook profile:


You will then see my PUBLIC facebook profile, you will also see a similar posting to this at the top of my facebook page/wall/timeline

Click on the > downward facing arrow at the top of the comment/post, then click on

> Report Story or Spam, and follow the prompts.

Read on for why I want people to REPORT this post!


As some will know there is an intermittent bug, when you click through the links to "REPORT THIS IMAGE" there are two completely different sets of pop up boxes that you may be presented with, if you get the old pop up boxes, you can select

That old style still works some of the time...

However with the advent of TIMELINE they have also changed the options to REPORT something, so to REPORT an image.

You click on
> REPORT/BLOCK, then either,
> Inappropriate Profile photo or > Inappropriate Cover

Then you should actually choose the following option,
>This photo shouldn't be on Facebook

However if you select that option you WILL ALWAYS GET THE FOLLOWING ERROR MESSAGE:

"Thank you... Sorry! We ran into an error processing your request. Please try again."

The strange thing is you then go back and select,

> This photo is spam, the REPORT is successful and is reported to facebook!

* * * * * * * * * *
So as I firmly believe that this is such a serious bug, which in my view is also putting the SAFETY, SECURITY & WELL BEING OF ALL VULNERABLE YOUNG CHILDREN, TEENAGERS USING FACEBOOK AT RISK!

I would ask EVERYBODY both friends, strangers and yes even my enemies to PLEASE REPORT THIS POST!

That way if people REPORT this post, FACEBOOK WILL THEN BE MADE AWARE OF THIS SERIOUS ISSUE, If people want to then they also have my full permission to share this post and thus ask others to also REPORT this post! It is my my belief (probably misguided) that if enough people do actually REPORT this post, as I am asking them to PLEASE DO, then I would hope that at some point at least one of those reports/complaints would be seen by a HUMAN member of staff at facebook!

But sadly it is also a FACT that facebook do not want its USERS/MEMBERS to be able to actually get in contact with them, that is why facebook make it all but impossible to contact them, so the more people that report this post the better.

That is why I am asking people to REPORT this post, you doing so at my request.

Thanks in advance.,


PS: PLEASE NOTE: That I have decided that I will be contacting a UK national daily paper regarding this issue, I intend to make that contact tomorrow.

So facebook will then NOT be able to claim that they "were unaware of this issue"....

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