Facebook & CEOP!

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Facebook & CEOP!

Post  GarryP on Thu 15 Jul 2010, 5:18 pm

Well as my good friends will know Nathan and myself have been long time advocates of CEOP, we have both used the LINK (URL) to the CEOP homepage as the "my website" link in our facebook profiles. Anyway over the last few days many of you will have no doubt noticed that a LINK to the CEOP homepage has been appearing in the sponsored links, shown on the right of all facebook pages.

So have facebook finally relented and installed a PANIC BUTTON as CEOP has been requesting for over a year now, sadly the answer is NO!

You see if you have any young children/teenagers who use MSN/YAHOO etc, or Bebo/MySpace etc., you will know that all of those sites and many other more responsible Social Networking Sites have all worked closely with CEOP to actively place CEOP PANIC BUTTON on all of their websites and web pages. This PANIC BUTTON is always displayed and requires no additional applications to be installed by the parents or users, it is coded into the actual code for the page.

Facebook have refused to do the same thing despite being asked to on several occasions by the UK government (UK Home Office & CEOP), they are still refusing to do this.

Personally I would say that what has appeared in the last few days does not go far enough to protect young people on facebook, as it relies on the YOUNG PERSON installing a separate application, this then appears as an additional tab on the young persons facebook home page.

Still it is a start, but it does beg the question as to why facebook have and still object to installing the CEOP PANIC BUTTON, my guess is that it will highlight just what a big problem PAEDOPHILES are on facebook.

NOTE: CEOP is a the "Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre" which run by the UK Home Office, it works in conjunction with all UK police forces and has direct link with Law Enforcement Agencies from around the world.

The CEOP facebook app is available now but it is designed for UK use.

For more information then you can see the CEOP press release here:

The CEOP hompage can be found here:


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