The TRUTH about these FRIENDLY forums!

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The TRUTH about these FRIENDLY forums! Empty The TRUTH about these FRIENDLY forums!

Post  GarryP on Sun 25 Jul 2010, 6:50 pm

Firstly may I extend the warmest of welcomes to you and thank you for at least visiting these the friendliest Social Networking (including facebook) forums you will find anywhere on the Internet. Sadly after seeing many young people and some very good friends being the innocent and unwarranted victims of what can only be described as a RELENTLESS CAMPAIGN of CYBER-BULLYING, HARASSMENT & VICTIMISATION, many well all of them were made and still do suffer from the most appalling personal ABUSE, INSULTS & THREATS, these bullies also spread LIES & MALICIOUS RUMOURS & FILE FALSE REPORTS to facebook, So as a direct result of that kind of behaviour, facebook's complicity in allow it to continue and also due to the very nature of some of those people who use Social Networking sites like facebook, you know the bad people like CYBER-BULLIES, FAKES, PAEDOPHILES & the other bad apples, I decided to set up these forums.

As the OWNER, CREATOR of this site and these forums I will VIGOROUSLY DEFEND THE INTEGRITY & THE HONESTY of this site, these forums and I will also stand up and defend the rights and actions of its members to FREELY and WITHOUT EXCEPTION in using these forums to SPEAK OUT AGAINST SUCH PEOPLE & ANY ORGANISATION THAT MAY TRY TO DEFEND THE BEHAVIOUR OF SUCH CYBER-BULLIES, FAKES or PAEDOPHILES, I will do that until the day I die, because right is RIGHT and wrong is WRONG! And everybody including victims have a RIGHT to be able to defend themselves!

Sadly as a direct result of that and as you can see by reading the "Evidence forums" some of these very people that this forum was set up to expose, have now resorted to petty name calling and the use of threats against this site and its staff.

Well this site is NOT going ANYWHERE!
We are NOT the ones in the WRONG!
We are NOT the BULLIES!
We are NOT the LIARS!
We are NOT the people writing or sending ABUSIVE, INSULTING & THREATENING messages!
We are NOT the people filing FALSE & MALICIOUS reports to facebook!
We are NOT the people filing FALSE, MALICIOUS, ABUSIVE & THREATENING "Abuse Reports"!

So those are the facts, you can either stand and up and be counted or you can be walked over and brow beaten. But that is for you to decide!

I only hope you have the guts to stand up and be counted as together we can and will make a difference.


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