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Use of Private Messaging! Empty Use of Private Messaging!

Post  GarryP on Mon 27 Sep 2010, 2:58 pm

Just to let people know, that we have decided to limit the use of the Private Messaging System on these forums.

This means that you will have to have posted a minimum amount of posts, whether that be to start a thread or to a reply, you will need to have posted a minum amount of times before you can use Private Messaging!

We have set that minimum post amount to 5 posts, the management and staff reserve the right to change that minimum post count, whenever required.


PS: I have decided that I will be taking a back seat for the foreseeable future, I will visit these boards at least once per day and do any routine housekeeping, but Nathan will be in charge. If you feel you must contact me personally (or Nathan for that matter) then please do so using the email address, as shown in the "Contact Us" thread. But please use the correct mail box which relates to the reason for your message.

Please also make sure that you include a link to your current facebook profile, if you wish to recieve a reply.

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