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Watch Lists, entries, changes & complaints... Empty Watch Lists, entries, changes & complaints...

Post  NatGam on Sat 31 Mar 2012, 3:35 pm

Please be aware that the watch lists on the forums are based on solid evidence and information. We do not and will not add people to those watch lists on the basis of hear say or just because of a single complaint.

We do not operate the watch lists to either gain friends or to appease or alienate others and we do not maintain these watch lists to target any single individual or group, the same can be said about these forums in general too. These watch lists are not about petty squabbles, point scoring or vendettas.

So if you see either your own name or that of one of your so called friends on the watch lists, then rest assure those details are on the watch lists for a very good reason. If somebody appears on the paedophiles watch list, then there is very little chance that those details will ever be removed, such is the seriousness and the level of danger posed by paedophiles.

If somebody appears on the watch lists for any other reason, then it may be possible for us to review such cases, but we will only consider reviewing watch lists entries in exceptional circumstances and the person concerned much have first modified their behaviour and certainly changed their ways.

As always if you wish to pass on any tips or information regarding any FAKE profiles paedophiles, cyber-bullies, trouble makers, racist or homophobic bigots or any other kind of nasties, if you have further information about people already listed on the WATCH lists or you would like to suggest a name for possible inclusion on the WATCH list then please email the sites admin team using the following email address, all we ask is that you try and supply as much evidence as is possible to help us in our decision:

**All# Reports will be dealt with in the STRICTEST OF CONFIDENCE & IN TOTAL ANONYMITY**
(# false & malicious reports excluded):

NOTE: We will not add people to this list just because you have fallen out with them. THIS LIST IS BASED ON SUBSTANTIVE EVIDENCE & FACTS:

Lastly we NEVER edit, modify or delete a watch list entry just because it has upset or annoyed either the person named or any number of their so called friends. Likewise we never edit, modify or delete a watch list entry if we are subjected to any form of personal abuse, insults, intimidation or any form of threats. Should that ever happen then those people sending such abuse will likely find themselves being added to our watch lists too.

Many Thanks.,

Nathan Gamble

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