BRAND NEW: Anti - Trolls Forum Section NOW LIVE! (Updated: 12/06/2012)

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BRAND NEW: Anti - Trolls Forum Section NOW LIVE! (Updated: 12/06/2012) Empty BRAND NEW: Anti - Trolls Forum Section NOW LIVE! (Updated: 12/06/2012)

Post  GarryP on Mon 11 Jun 2012, 4:38 pm

Our *BRAND NEW* Anti-Troll Zone has been set up to actively try and combat the ever growing problem of ONLINE TROLLS, those sad, pathetic individuals who have nothing better to do than post abusive, insulting and threatening messages on other peoples social networking pages, on their twitter accounts, web pages and those particularly nasty TROLLS who post abusive comments on the Memorial Pages of the deceased!

In the BRAND NEW Anti -Troll Zone you will find 3 sections:

Firstly is a section for any member to share and comment on any MEDIA, NEWS or PRESS article that deals with the issue of ONLINE TROLLS!

Secondly is a Discussion area. Although this is area is available for anybody to access.

NOTE: You will have to be a REGISTERED MEMBER of these forums to be able to either start a thread or to post a reply on either of the above sections.

The third area is our signature Watch List, as with all our other watch lists this again is available for everybody to view and read, although it can only be added to, amended or edited by this sites admin. Both members and NON member are more than welcome to submit reports and to request that we consider additions to any of the watch lists to do so then please see below for instructions.

If you have been the victim of any ONLINE TROLLS then please register with these forums and share your experience, this is a forum where you can talk openly about these issues and the hurt and harm that these sad and pathetic ONLINE TROLLS can cause.

We want to try and give you and any other victims of this behaviour the chance to stand up, speak out and take back the control.

So please help us in as we now try and stand up and fight back.

If you have been the victim of any kind of ONLINE TROLLS and you would like us to NAME & SHAME the those TROLLS then please email this sites admin team at:


Please remember to include as much detail as possible and please also send us a link to the TROLLS profile pages and links to any offensive comments or messages.

**All# Reports will be dealt with in the STRICTEST OF CONFIDENCE & IN TOTAL ANONYMITY**
(# false & malicious reports excluded)

So I hope that you will all make use of this BRAND NEW Anti - Trolls Zone, let us all, stand up, stand together and we will beat them.

Best Wishes & Stay Safe.,


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