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The Suggestions Thread!

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The Suggestions Thread! Empty The Suggestions Thread!

Post  GarryP Sat 12 Jun 2010, 10:09 pm

Got any GOOD suggestions or BIG Ideas! Do you think we need some more Forums if so what should the new sections be called!

Now these free forums have been set up purely to test the waters and to gauge how much interest that there is, the ultimate aim is purchase our own domain name and have ago at setting up a decent website, so please also feel free to make any suggestions about what you might like to see on that website and who knows if there is enough support, it might just happen?

Over to you?

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The Suggestions Thread! Empty Open Thread - Open Zone

Post  Spongebob Thu 10 Dec 2015, 1:06 am

Just a suggestion Garry, would you consider having an Open Zone, where members can discuss and comment or just have a good old rant that people need to get off their chests. It was a suggestion a while ago made by a member of U10, and since it was created and opened I was very surprised to see that it is today now the most visted board in U10.

Like me years ago I used to go off the handle a bit on Facebook,  and having a good rant on there warranted in a gold medal prize and having your account disabled or blocked for a period of time.

Many people are scared to voice an opinion of things in case of persecution etc, and having that one place may make the difference in members not being blocked from Facebook for doing so. Maybe you do have an open zone but as usual I am still trying to find my way around here, I need a bloody satnav lmfaoooooooo.

I bet if you had an Open Zone I bet I could fill it in a week, as you know I always like to have a good moan and rant on about so many different subjects.

Worth having a look at that possibility Garry Smile

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