IMPORTANT NOTES: About this section!

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IMPORTANT NOTES: About this section! Empty IMPORTANT NOTES: About this section!

Post  GarryP on Sun 25 Jul 2010, 6:01 pm

Just so first time visitors and all prospective forum members know the purpose of this section is so that people who have also been the victims of a certain well known and widely reported gang of CYBER-BULLIES who infest not only facebook but other social networking sites.

PLEASE NOTE: That the following posts have all been copied VERBATIM, as you will see most CONTAIN FOUL LANGUAGE, ABUSE, INSULTS, LIES and THREATS. There is only one real intent and purpose to all of the EVIDENCE posted in this thread and that is IT HAS ALL BEEN SENT with the INTENTION to try and INTIMIDATE those people it was sent to. Well sadly for them this kind of childish behaviour does not and WILL NOT WORK with me.

You can COPY & PASTE ANYTHING that you have, found, seen and read that these guys have posted. I am not bothered where you saw or read it. BUT please make sure that you state where it was originally posted, only the intials of the poster and the time and date that it was posted.

So please feel free to COPY & PASTE *ANY/ALL* of the following:




ANY/ALL EMAILS from them!

The reason I am asking people to help and consider posting all the above, is that I want people to REALLY SEE who the REAL BAD GUYS ARE!

So if you have been the victim of any FALSE, MALICIOUS, ABUSIVE, INSULTING or THREATENING posts/messages/emails then PLEASE POST the FULL DETAILS & CONTENTS in this section.

That way people can see the REAL, HARD EVIDENCE for themselves! That way any DECENT person will be able to to see who the REAL BAD GUYS are! WE KNOW WHO THEY ARE! Let us help EVERY DECENT, HONEST person by allowing them to judge for themselves.

Lastly just so people know, EVERYTHING in these forums is TRUE, HONEST & FACT! The whole reason behind me starting these forums was to enable the DECENT, HONEST people, those INNOCENT victims of ALL CYBER-BULLIES, those INNOCENT victims of ALL FORMS OF ONLINE ABUSE, THREATS & HARASSMENT to to be able to stand up, have their say and FIGHT BACK! By doing this other people will know the kind of people to avoid!

You see they tried to copy the idea of these forums, but because they are the REAL CYBER-BULLIES, because they are PATHOLOGICAL & HABITUAL LIARS, they ended up using their forums to further their campaign of ABUSE, INSULTS, HARASSMENT & THREATS. Their forums within hours became fuelled by yet more FALSE and MALICIOUS CLAIMS, FILLED WITH LIES & NOTHING BUT LIES!

That is why they were forced to temporarily CLOSE their forums and REMOVE/DELETE ALL OFFENSIVE/MALICIOUS content!

My site, our site will ONLY and will ONLY EVER deal in TRUTH & FACTS, BACKED BY HARD EVIDENCE!

They will only ever tell LIES & SPREAD MALICIOUS RUMOURS!


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