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Slowly but surely...

Post  GarryP on Wed 06 Nov 2013, 9:25 pm

Well guys it has been a pretty rough old year this year. I have long lived with mental health issues and for many years I had been able to keep on plodding along, but then for reasons I still do not know or understand everything came to a grinding halt in January. Anyway after several spells in hospital, various different medicines. Things are beginning to start to fall into place.

With regard to facebook and this site, I have been logging in most days but just to keep an eye out and my ears down. I know that Nathan has wanted to keep the watch lists updated, but I asked him to just leave it all as is. Mind you we have like I say been watching and we have a long list of new watch list entries and list updates. A few people might well find themselves upgraded to have their own VIP sections, well they have had that many facebook profiles disabled, some within days of them registering them.

As to my friends, well I have found out who are true friends this last year. If you have message me or contacted Nathan then it includes you. Sadly some people have made NO effort to contact me or even bothered to try and ask after me, that hurts me but I can't say that I am in anyway surprised, still that is Americans for you I guess.

Sorry I have not been around, but I will slowly but surely be getting online matters in hand over the next few weeks

I would like to say a personal thanks to Anthony, you are a true friend and decent person. I appreciate your support.

All the best.,


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