Facebook and the change of email!

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Facebook and the change of email!

Post  GarryP on Fri 19 Nov 2010, 9:36 pm

As some of you may be aware, last week facebook made some major changes to the inbox message systems on facebook, the major change is that all registered facebook users can now have an @facebook.com email address.

So as a direct result of this facebook have now changed their corporate email addresses. Facebook have now got a new another domain name especially for *ALL* corporate and business email use.

So if you need to contact facebook, you will have to use this new domain for any email communications with the staff/admins at facebook, the new address is, DRUM ROLL....


So if you want to report any abuses via email, the new email address is:


PLEASE NOTE: That the above email is correct and is a working email address, although they have set it to auto respond/reply and you may get a reply stating that it is not a working email address! IT IS I PROMISE YOU! They do receive and I act on emails sent to the above address.

Likewise if you find that you have had your facebook profile WRONGFULLY CLOSED DOWN or DISABLED, the new email address to send any APPEALS or COMPLAINTS to is:


Again you might find that you get sent an auto response/reply again say that the email address is incorrect. Again I PROMISE YOU it is a working email address and they will receive and act on any emails sent to those addresses.

Finally if you have already sent facebook an email for whatever the reason and they have sent you a personal (albeit canned) reply, you can always copy and paste the email address from the email you received or you can just click on REPLY TO SENDER in the address bar you should then see the following:

The Facebook Team appeals+123abc@support.facebook.com

(The part of the above email address +123abc will be a unique reference to your facebook account!)

So you should now be able to email facebook should you need to, although as we all know only to well do not hold your breathe whilst you await a reply or any action, as sadly facebook do not work like that.

Best Wishes & Stay Safe,


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