Yet More EMPTY, IMPOTETENT threats from the queen of the fuckwits!

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Yet More EMPTY, IMPOTETENT threats from the queen of the fuckwits!

Post  GarryP on Thu 12 Apr 2012, 11:18 pm

Seeing as the **** derives so much pleasure from reading my comments, I have to say that I do pity it, as he has tonight admitted that he has at least one ******t as a friend, sadly people should be aware that with regard to it and its friends then there is only one certainty and that is the way it uses and abuses all of its friends, you see its friends are gauranteed only one thing from it and that is THEY WILL ALL BE A VICTIM OF IT SOONER OR LATER!

Anyway it has also admitted "hacking other peoples websites" well in the UK that is a criminal offence, you see it is not that bright to try and threaten people or intimidate them. Besides it has been spewing the same old crap for nearly 2 years now. Thing is that is all it is and all it ever will be be. It is just crap, empty, hollow, meaningless drivvel. The words is spews are impotent, just like it itself!

I am not going anywhere, nor is my site, I might be BORED of the pathetic crap it spews, but I AM MOST DEFINITELY NOT SCARED OR INTIMIDATED! By continuing with its crap, it is just showing how little it knows. But that will be its downfall.

Have a nice day and thanks for reading...


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