You should try and read this, but remember I don't lie and I don't make threats either!

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You should try and read this, but remember I don't lie and I don't make threats either!

Post  GarryP on Tue 01 May 2012, 1:57 pm

**Copied from my facebook page & reposted**


I decided to repost this as I just want to make sure that a certain person has had the chance of seeing & READING this post!

On Thursday 18th April (this year) I was sent an email from the US via the forum email address at:

Sadly due to the nature of the email and the request contained therein, I am not able to discuss its contents. Suffice to say it does not relate to any friends and nor does it have anything to do with a certain troublemaker, but the sender does make reference to the overnight suspension of the forums and the reason why. Although as I say that was not the reason for the email.

As much I would love to be able to post more information, such as the name of the organisation for whom the sender works, as I much as I would like to post part of the email address and some of its headers, I cannot do so as it would impeed ongoing matters, so I would not do so anyway.

Now I know that he will no doubt call this "crap", but the truth is I have never lied whilst that is all he ever does. But to the serious nature of this email and more importantly due to nature of WHO SENT IT, I would strongly advise that trouble maker to think, very long and very hard about what he does next, as I am now in a position to take clear and decisive actions myself, but lets be clear this is not a threat. It is merely a statement of facts.

I should also add that I am aware that Nathan has checked out the above email and it is LEGITIMATE & GENUINE as is the identity of the sender and his employers.

So if I were you I would at the very least consider your next move, very, VERY carefully. In face my advice to you would be to desist immediately. Sadly though I doubt that you will take any notice, then that is your choice although it will be very foolish to ignore this post, as to use a phrase you seem to like, you should know by now that I do NOT LIE & I do not make empty threats either. Unlike you.

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