Additional Kyler Dunst facebook profiles!

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Additional Kyler Dunst facebook profiles! Empty Additional Kyler Dunst facebook profiles!

Post  GarryP on Tue 14 Jun 2011, 8:31 pm

I do firmly believe that Kyler Dunst (if that is even his real name) has many, many more ADDITIONAL FAKE Facebook profiles than those that are listed here and in the Watch List sections, I feel that the majority of which are as of yet currently unknown. I do know for fact that the above list is but the tip of a very large and complex iceberg. As even that list of DISABLED & INACTIVE Facebook profiles is nowhere near complete. As I have only in the last few months been keeping records of his DISABLED profiles.

So I would ask that anybody reading this, please be on the look out for other suspect accounts. If you find any other Facebook profiles using any of the names shown/listed above, then please get in touch with us either via Facebook or directly via the email address below. All I ask is that you just send us a link to the suspect profile and we will be able to either confirm or rule it out. Either all reports are in the strictest of confidence.

Many Thanks & Stay Safe.,


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