I just love what you can find out on facebook - No. 3!

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I just love what you can find out on facebook - No. 3!

Post  GarryP on Thu 19 Apr 2012, 2:27 pm

And yet more nice words...

1. ...Check out the latest, illegal goings on with GP and the Antisocialnetworkusers Forum, and have your say. if you have had any problems, been mistreated in any way, by those goonies that run that Anti Gay Hate forum, then tell OUR genuine, caring Team at The Lost Universe, who will as ever be glad to help you. We believe in constructive interaction with our members, not just registered and forgot about, or banned because we don't like a person, everyuone is welcome to come along, totally free, independant, and very easy to use. Your Forum, Your Voice, Your points of view and concerns can be heard and not forgotten...

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