How to report PAEDOPHILES!

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How to report PAEDOPHILES! Empty How to report PAEDOPHILES!

Post  GarryP on Thu 28 Oct 2010, 7:25 pm

If whilst using facebook in the normal way you accidently find a dodgy facebook profile, with any idecent images of children then my advice is to always REPORT this kind of thing by sending an email to: (CC it to)

If you have had any dealings with facebook, for any reason and they have contacted or replied to you via email, then MAKE SURE you CC you also CC your email to the facebook email address, you find in that email they have sent you the address should look something like this:

Those email reply addresses are unique and directly link to your facebook account.

NOTE: You may get an automated reply, but just IGNORE them!

IMPORTANT: You should also send a copy (CC) of that email to CEOP at:

Just be sure to make it clear that you have copied/forwarded that message to CEOP, also remember to include the name of the person you are reporting and the link to their facebook profile!

But please do NOT go searching for this bad guys, ONLY report the ones you genuinely stumble accross.

Remember also that in the UK it is an offence to even just look at or view indecent images of children, so never ever click on them.

Once you have REPORTED somebody let us know and we will add them to our watch lists.

So be Safe and Best Wishes


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