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Post  GarryP on Thu 10 Jun 2010, 8:56 pm

Well just like the name of these forums suggest I have grown increasingly fed up and cheesed off with the way that the management, staff and those jokingly called "administrators" at facebook consistently listen to and take the side of those people who abuse the facebook site.

For example they always take the sides of those who engage in CYBER-BULLYING, HARASSMENT, using/sending ABUSIVE, INSULTING & THREATENING messages or behaviour. I am aware of one particular case, where an individual was involved in all of the above but he also sent several wall comments that included RACIST & HOMOPHOBIC insults to, that is ILLEGAL under UK law, yet that person has been allowed to continue to use his original facebook account! Yet some of the innocent people who had in fact reported that person have had their facebook accounts closed down.

I am also seriously miffed with the management, staff and administrators at facebook for consistently listening to and taking the word of those such people, I think the management and staff at facebook should be ASHAMED of themselves for not only taking the word of, but then acting on the word of HABITUAL & PATHOLOGICAL LIARS, INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE CLEARLY THE FACEBOOK EQUIVALENT OF SOCIOPATHS, WHO ARE NO MORE THAN DELUSIONAL SCHIZOS!

Anyway, that is why I set these forums up so that we who use facebook legitimately and by the rules can at least come here and have honest, meaningful and GROWN DISCUSSIONS with out fear and prejudice. So this is the place place to safely discuss those things that facebook would close your account down for. So why get "F*ckedby2facebook"!

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Before you sign up and join these forums, I would like to ask all prospective members to sign up using a NICKNAME, ALIAS or VARIATION of their name. PLEASE TRY NOT TO USE YOUR REAL & DO NOT UPLOAD ANY REAL PICTURES OF YOURSELF!

I want you all to feel safe and secure when you post and comment on these forums, for that reason I do not want to make it in anyway easy for the people at facebook to match forum accounts with actual facebook accounts, WHAT YOU POST HERE IS NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS & SHOULD NOT IMPACT ON YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT! Please be assure that the site owner and admin staff will never divulge any information to facebook UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES that is a PROMISE!

BUT Should you join these forums with the sole intention of causing trouble or to harass any of members in anyway, then the site admin does reserve the right to publicly identify you in these forums!


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Thanks Garry.

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