A Point of Fact! (Edited/Revised 13/08/2011)

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A Point of Fact! (Edited/Revised 13/08/2011) Empty A Point of Fact! (Edited/Revised 13/08/2011)

Post  GarryP on Fri 12 Aug 2011, 11:59 pm

Right then just so certain people know, it really does not bother me what, how or when something happens on facebook. I don't care about what other people say or where they say it whether it be on facebook or so other website.

But let me say this much, what they do and say, how they operate their websites, their forums and their watch list is totally up to them.

I want to make it clear that operate my forums and my watch lists using my own rules, that means that just because I fall out with somebody, just because they may "Unfriend" or delete me, just because I may BLOCK them or hell even if they block me, I do NOT see that as a vaild reason to add their names/profiles to the watch lists. Sorry I only add people for REAL reasons, I do not add people just to be CHILDISH, IMMATURE or PETULANT!

If that is what make other people feel better, then that is their look out.

But I will not stoop to the same level, like it or lump that is just the person I am. The original watch lists are for real TROUBLE MAKERS, I only add people for REAL REASONS!

Stay Safe.,

GarryP Wink


PS: I thought that I should just add, that just because friendships with some may break down for whatever the reason and no matter whos fault that that breakdown may be, with me that does not mean that other people will be given another chance. Hopefully people will know to whom I am referring. I will never have any contact with them, directly or indirectly and ANY contact from them is and will always be NOT WANTED, NOR WILL IT BE WELCOMED!

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